(last update: Jun 2021)
Submitted articles:
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PhD thesis:
  • Adulyasak, Y., 2012. Models and Solution Algorithms for Production Routing ProblemsHEC Montréal. [pdf]

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  • Optimization-Based Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search for the Production Routing Problem
  1. Instance set A (Archetti et al. instances) [download] (originally from
  2. Instance set B (Boudia et al. instances)  - [download]
Detailed results -  [download]
  • Formulations and Branch-and-Cut Algorithms for Multi-Vehicle Production and Inventory Routing Problems
  1. MVPRP instances - generated from the instance set A above (can be obtained here [download])
  2. MVIRP instances - generated from the instances from (can also be downloaded here [download]) (note: see computational experiments section of the paper for the details of the instance generation)
Detailed results
  1. Details of the best heuristic solutions generated by Op-ALNS - [download]
  2. Details of the exact solutions  - [download]